Monday, March 29, 2010

My head is spinning

My head is spinning with everything going on in the news these days. I wish I could stop time and have a chance to catch my breath and regroup. I've had to go from barely having enough interest in politics to be able to vote each year to trying to immerse myself in as many news/political websites and blogs as I can to try to get some sort of understanding of what is happening.

And I worry about how our country is going to survive this move into Socialism. Even if the health care bill is repealed, what will we do about all the crazies? I mean, I'm sorry, but most liberals seem foam-at-the-mouth crazy. You can't reason with them at all, they tune you out and start screaming "RAAAACIST!" at you. I don't have to look any further than my own sister for proof of this.

A few months ago she caught me on Yahoo messenger and told me, with the utmost delight, about how she was antagonizing the 70-something mother of one of her friends. She justified it by saying her friend told her that his mother was a bigot. I could almost see the nasty gleam in my sister's eyes as she told me how she liked to go on the woman's Facebook page and leave comments about how great Obama is as a president and how great the economy is doing, etc., etc. Not sure what she was basing that last bit on, either, because the economy has been in the tank for over a year.

The only glimmer of hope, at least in my eyes, is the Fair Tax. If we can get the Republicans back in the majority, and we can convince them that we want the Fair Tax, we might be able to save our country from destruction.


  1. I've been worried about what we're going to do with all the crazies, too. I think that the best thing is to get the lefties who are not crazy, those who are patriots (the old JFK dems), to understand that they are a dying breed, and if they don't rise up and kick all the progs out of the democratic party, they'll have no voice at all. As is, I think they are deluding themselves into thinking that progressivism has anything at all to do with America. They're easier to beat back in the republican party because they are mostly known as RINOs and no one wants that now.

    But you are right about the Fair Tax being a huge blow to socialists . . . hmmmm. Yes, I see that, as long as we don't allow them to tinker with it and exempt everyone again.

  2. Your story about your sister, too, I think illustrates another danger. We wonder, how anyone can be so intentionally cruel as to harass an old lady like that, but that's at the root of one of the main things they have to do to succeed. They are just as worried about what they're going to do with us if they succeed as we are about them if they do. Luckily for them, our plans don't include genocide, martial law, or the other inhumane acts these people are capable of and would, I have no doubt, put into motion as soon as we became violent. That's why it is vital that we never do. With the loathing and fear and cruelty that the left evidences even now, we cannot give them an "excuse" to look the other way or even cheer in the streets if something was done to conservatives.

  3. I was watching V for Vendetta last night on BBCAmerica. According to the author of the original graphic novel, it's a statement against Fascism in England, but the movie was re-written a little as a statement against the Bush administration. It was very strange watching it because it was sort of hard to reconcile the two. The movie almost didn't make sense, but you have to give the director props for trying, I guess.

  4. And the point of that comment is, when you compare tea party protests to lefty protests; when you compare Conservative ideals to Progressive ideals, the movie seemed to get it all wrong. Lefties keep trying to say that the big, bad Conservatives/Tea Partiers are violent and dangerous and want totalitarian control, but then you look at the current administration and their supporters, their lapdog media cronies and it's the other way around.

  5. Exactly. I have that movie somewhere but have never been able to sit through it . . . now I know why. I never understood anyone who said that Bush was a fascist; fascism is a far far left concept and requires iron control by the government. No conservative (even one who leaned left on some issues as Bush did) can ever be a fascist for the simply fact of their belief in limited government and the states and the people having the power not specifically given to the government. But that's another common prog tactic: blame the other side for what they themselves are up to their necks in.

  6. I can understand not being able to sit through the whole movie. The longer it went on, the more uncomfortable I felt because it just didn't jive with the truth.